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In the pursuit of zero-waste systems our mission is to immerse ourselves in the often-unseen interconnectedness of every-day working activities. Consequently we  devise more effective systems, cycles and feedback loops. We apply three-dimensional solutions in a three dimensional world as a Sphere Economy and advance new economic thinking with practical implementation. Accordingly we create fresh enterprise models that value the biosphere, society and profit, which enable companies to operate in a manner that is sustainably viable and in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.

What We Do

Just as the Earth’s eco systems are all interconnected and create abundance, so we put into practice the principles of eco-innovation, fused with practical and commercial experience, to uncover whole systems and make them function efficiently: to offer fresh and dynamic solutions to organisational performance and protection from vulnerabilities and risk to assets. We seamlessly create a thread that connects disparate functions and specialisms across the value chain.

How we do it

We reveal, identify and understand the interactions between soft and hard systems – the people and technologies. As a result through managing the knowledge gaps and bridging fragmented specialisms we identify where additional value is found, waste removed, emissions reduced and risk exposed.

“Make unexpected connections and challenge the way things are done”

Decision Space

By the application of  our broad multidisciplinary, multidimensional experience and expertise we can expand the Decision Space. This increases the breadth and depth of information available – on which decisions, whether design, operational, investment or other, are based – to provide increased potential of desirable outcomes and a clear understanding of the consequences. As a result, bolster trust in reporting of near and long-term impact.

Natural Capital

Sustainable Viability brings the design and implementation of closed loop systems – for example, the food system and the interaction between agriculture, water, waste, energy, processing, logistics, storage, retail and service.

SV raises the bar on current ‘best practices’ of sustainability from the bottom up, where knowledge and its exchange can be widely diffused and scaled-up. 

“How diverse forces can work together in perfect balance

The use of the sustainably viable distributed energy system that integrates both physical and bio technologies that is flexible enough to be scaled up from village to city level. Such integration of further symbiotic technologies supports food production, water, soil, agricultural biodiversity, transport, industry, sanitation and education amongst others. 

Such an approach underpins local and national economies acting as an incubator for new eco-innovative developments.  As a result, emissions and waste are reduced with impact to land, air and water tackled to provide support for health and well-being that underpins livelihood projections and ameliorates social, economic and natural capitals. 

“Create real-world solutions that deliver the wanted goals today.”

A Fresh View on Organisational and Project Performance

Decision Making Reimagined

Sustainable Viability 2020