A powder designed to tackle septic and anaerobic conditions through use of an inorganic carrier that delivers oxygen to the local area when hydrated.

Can be applied in ponds, lakes and lagoons or directly into problem areas such as septic tanks or lift stations.

The product uses a specially designed blend of Bacillus to out-compete sulphate reducing bacteria and degrade sludge and organic matter.

Contains application-specific Bacillus which possess anti-algae properties and can tackle harmful algal bloom species through the production of algicidal compounds such as Bacilysin.

The Bacillus consortia have robust heterotrophic growth parameters which allow for growth across a range of conditions from pond water to industrial wastewater systems.


Municipal and industrial wastewater plants

Lagoons and ponds

Cess and slurry pits

Septic tanks

Areas with organic rich effluents

Areas suffering with anaerobic issues