A liquid product designed to tackle odours via a multi-pronged approach, using a combination of eco-benign® chemistry, fragrance and microbiology.

Contains a chemical counteractant that binds malodours and prevents the nose from detecting them, providing immediate odour control.

Formulated with a novel Bacillus consortia with broad metabolic capabilities that are able to degrade a wide range of odour causing compounds such as amines, volatile fatty acids and sulphur containing organics.

The Bacillus consortia produce a wide range of extracellular enzymes which help to degrade various organic solids helping combat the long term causes of odour generation.

Can be used to improve plant performance to meet emissions directives.

Supplied in both ready to use (1X) and 10X concentrations.


Municipal and industrial wastewater plants


Slurry pits

Refuse management

Piggeries and poultry farming