Naïve Modelling and COVID-19

Publication date: April 21, 2020. Z/Yen

If you can’t imagine it, your model can’t capture it, and that means the evidence won’t reflect it.”

Repeated experimentation shows that the intention behind modelling can correspond to various realities and the intention of the modeller(s). In other words, model outcome could be the modeller creating their own facts.

The 5 Essential Steps to Sustainable Viability

publication date Dec 15, 2018. Apple Books

To flourish, sustainability must orientate from being process-obsessed to result-focused. Sustainability must bring transformative change and be more than just better than yesterday. Welcome in Sustainable Viability.

Sustainable Viability (SV) is a well-validated, proprietary methodology that enables an organisation – its management, people and teams – to identify areas of the business where objectives are not aligned, opportunities are being missed, the environment is suffering damage, society is being disadvantaged and value is being destroyed.  

Once these issues have been identified and exposed, the organisation is empowered to reimagine and redesign itself into an integrated, self-sustaining entity by harmonising systems and creating equilibrium. 

Sustainable Viability and its Role in Enterprise Risk Management

publication date May 7, 2015. CPI Financial – Finance Middle East

For any business, large or small, it is vital to assess and understand strategic and operational risks. Indeed, understanding the true extent and nature of risk increasingly separates winners from losers.

Energy Efficiency – How to Get it to Work For You

publication date Mar 4, 2015. CPI Financial: Finance Middle East

Time and again, experience shows poor optimisation of energy efficiency delivering fettered cost savings and growth opportunities. This article begins your journey to understand how to improve.

In The UK, Who is Fiddling While Rome Burns?

publication date Feb 19, 2015. CSR Wire

The transparency and Responsible Investment practices of the 33 largest asset managers in the UK has been examined in the 2015 Responsible Investment Performance of UK Asset Managers survey. Are asset managers investing for the long-term? 

Raising The Bar for Efficient Buildings with Sustainable Viability

publication date Feb 12, 2015. Energy Manager Today

Using the Framework for Sustainable Viability, think about how you can use your buildings to capture, create and deliver more value.

Companies Continue to Struggle to Communicate Sustainability

publication date Nov 21, 2014. CSRwire

There is clear water between the perception companies are creating, and the real world understanding of investors

The Financial Value of Sustainability and ESG

Publication date Nov 18, 2014. CSRwire

The hallmark of an authentic sustainability policy remains with a firm’s ability to communicate how sustainability connects across the entire organisation.

Making Energy Efficiency Work For You

publication date Nov 5, 2014. Energy Manager Today

To make energy efficiency effective, it must be orchestrated through a sustainably viable focus making efficiency accountable and treated with the same level of transparency as the financial metrics.

Leveraging Sustainability For Economic Profit (2)

publication date Oct 27, 2014. CPI Financial – Finance Middle East

For your business’ sustainable viability, Sustainability must be integrated with discipline and authentically reported to become inextricably linked to due diligence, financial value and growth.

The Financial Value of Sustainability and ESG

publication date Oct 2, 2014. Environmental Leader

The Sustainability performance of an organisation, integrated with discipline, and reported with relevance and materiality is becoming inextricably linked to due diligence and financial value. It is the translation of this vision, delivered in appropriate language to the appropriate stakeholders where business winners of growth are, and will increasingly, be found.

What is Sustainability?

publication date Oct 22, 2013. Environmental Leader

Sustainability is more than being seen to be green. Sustainability is a compass for a business to navigate to a clearer, robust business model, designed and fit for purpose in the 21st century.

Finding Excellence Through Sustainability

publication date Jun 2013. Environmental Leader

The Primary Habit For Effective Sustainability

Publication date Mar 6, 2013. Environmental Leader

Using the example of investor relations, and ESG, illustrates why thoroughly understanding the position of functional and stakeholder groups is essential to develop robust sustainability actions, comparable metrics and compelling narrative to optimise financial value

Sustainability and CSR – Easy Steps to organisational Empathy

publication date Jan 17, 2013. Environmental Leader

We all need to attract others to us: to work, to live, to support. Organizations are no different, the whole organization being a human collective, with a diverse range of skills and abilities to provide products and services to others. Sustainability and CSR are critical issues for generating marketplace attraction – they are the game-changer to support differentiation.

Leveraging Sustainability For Economic Profit

Publication date Dec 2012. GSE Research

This paper examines in detail the link between sustainability and financial performance.

Corporate Governance Perspectives and Sustainability Challenges

publication date Oct 12, 2012. IOD Publishing

Today’s corporate landscape is vastly different from what it was two decades ago. The change is pushing companies to be more transparent and accountable for their actions; open about engaging with all their stakeholders, in a manner that balances the needs of the community, while mitigating and negating social and environmental impacts of the business. Thus, their approach towards stakeholder engagement, disclosure, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility has become a very important part of their sustainability strategy. 

Leveraging Sustainability For Economic Profit

Publication date Oct 2012. Quality Times – Institute of Directors

More and more organisations see the importance of sustainable business practices. They have recognised that there are very substantial financial benefits to be obtained by integrating sustainability thinking and practices into all their business processes.

Building The Business Case for CSR

publication date Sep 2012. Dubai Quality Group

As expressed frequently by CEOs and CFOs, creating new revenue streams, cost efficiency, corporate value and the mitigation of risk are seen as main priorities for business. Building the business case for corporate social responsibility (CSR) illuminates the pathway to how CEOs and CFOs’ main priorities are addressed through the embedding of CSR and the wider sustainability programme.

  • Leveraging Sustainability for Economic Profit

Leveraging Sustainability for Economic Profit

publication date Aug 22, 2012. Environmental Leader

The Business Case For CSR

publication date Apr 24, 2012. Institute of Directors / Environmental Leader / The Future Build

CSR and the wider Sustainability agenda aids economic development as it assist’s in creating new revenue streams, cost efficiency, corporate value and the mitigation of risk – major priorities for business. 

Social Responsibility – making CSR an Actionable Business Agenda

publication date Apr 2012. IOD

Sustainability Has Become The Economic Game Changer

publication date Jan 2012. Quality Times (Journal of The Institute of Directors)

In order to establish sustainability as a business model, organisations need to understand the nexus between energy, water, biodiversity, greenhouse gas emissions as well as their wider societal impacts: defining them into one coherent policy and reporting framework.

Corporate Governance and Sustainability Challenges

publication date Oct 12, 2011. Institute of Directors

This compendium consists of papers of leading thinkers, business leaders, social entrepreneurs, academics and case studies of companies at the cutting edge of sustainability…These demonstrate that social and environmental responsibility helps enhance your company value in this world of wrenching change.

Setting a Strategy For Sustainability

publication date Sep 12, 2011. Green Economy Post

Christopher Gleadle argues why businesses should move beyond the duality of environmental concerns and making money to expose the false divide between environmental and business thinking. It makes the case that doing so is important in order for the organization to operate successfully, and thrive, in an increasingly resource constrained world.

Sustainability Is A Brand

publication date Sep 6, 2011. Environmental Leader

In order to develop true sustainability policies, companies need to understand the nexus between energy, water, biodiversity, and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the wider societal impacts of their company, and then combine them into one coherent policy and reporting framework.

Sustainability – The Value of Integrated Reporting

publication date Aug 19, 2011. Green Economy Post

Sustainability is the ability for companies to cut the umbilical dependency on ever increasing environmental resource demands and cut costs delivering ethical, sustainable, economic growth over the longer term. This business practice is founded on sound business sense delivering improved value to all stakeholders – the company, employees, customers and wider societal groups.

Adapt to Change

publication date Jul 13, 2011. Climate Action / UNEP

Charles Darwin: ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.’

Sustainability and the Importance of CFOs

publication date Jul 1, 2011. UNEP Climate Action Programme

It is typical in organisations for the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to be ultimately responsible for: investor relations, facilities, purchasing, human resources and IT.

The Evolution of Sustainability

publication date Jun 14, 2011. Eco-Business

Throughout the great recession of 2007 – 2010, there has been a dislocation of trust between companies and the global communities they serve. Emerging from the recession, any company wanting to repair such dislocation has used sustainability as the model to achieve best results.

Whether it is customers companies want to engage, or investors through the reduction of risk, or employees to improve team cohesion, drive innovation and attract best talent from the ascendant eco-boomers, sustainability connects all the interdependent functional areas in a more holistic manner, driving down costs and delivering on-going value through the introduction of a continuous cycle of improvement.

Strategy For Sustainability

publication date May 16, 2011. Environmental Leader

Best strategies for a business are to make clear choices and the allocation of its resources, this being comprised of: ‘the steady accumulation of frameworks promising to unlock the secret of competition advantage’ 

Sustainable Growth Through Sustainable Business

publication date Mar 14, 2011. Amazon.

For many companies, coming to terms with sustainability and what it means is a struggle. Where to start? How much is it going to cost? How do we become sustainable? Why?

Sustainable Growth through Sustainable Business answers these questions and many more by breaking down the subject into easy to understand, digestible units and shows the biggest cost is to do nothing.

The book gives the reader, in a clear, concise manner: how to think about and set a strategy, how to implement the plan with clear actions to help deliver positive outcomes; how to develop a communications plan engaging all stakeholders, from employees, suppliers and investors to meeting customer and market expectations.

Once a business is on the journey to sustainability, the book shows how to measure, reduce and validate – embed the new ethos of sustainability into the DNA of the business: to maximise the value of opportunities in cost savings and enhanced income through functional and asset optimisation, innovation, brand and reputation – enhanced customer service.

Contained also is the background to the rising issues of climate change, resource depletion, biodiversity loss, and the nexus of conflicts that imperil our planet and what it means to individuals within their private lives and the organisations they serve. This leads the reader to understand the science of climate change and how this translates into risk across all sectors.

Sustainable Viability 2020