A highly effective blend of beneficial bacteria designed to accelerate degradation of organic wastes and toilet paper, reduce odours and keep the septic system operating efficiently.

Evogen Septic-PLUS is supplied in pails containing 12 water soluble sachets which are simply deposited directly in to the toilet.

The Bacillus strains in Evogen Septic Plus have been scientifically developed to promote the rapid breakdown and digestion of various forms of black and grey water waste including organic waste matter, toilet paper, detergents, greases, fats, oils, paper, and other organic waste materials commonly found in these systems.

The Bacillus strains in the products are fast growing for commissioning and upset recovery of septic tank devices. They are proven to enhance floc formation for rapid plant start up and create biomass that is more resistant to chemical loads such as bleach.


Commercial Septic tanks 

Domestic Septic tanks

Marine sanitation devices