Sphere Economy

Sustainable Viability’s Sphere Economy applies a holistic three-dimensional systems perspective over time. This enables consideration of alternative ways to govern the provisioning of resources not only at particular points of activity but along entire value chains. From such a vantage point, issues of equity and valuation of all forms of capital across trade borders come clearly into view to help temper protectionist reactions that are detrimental to organisational, societal and natural value. Thus, reduce risk. 

SV systems design and feedback loops leapfrog the two-dimensional circular economy, since CE still contains many waste streams and misbehaviour between functions over time. It is only through holism with feedback loops where zero-waste systems can be found. 

“Sometimes it is not about things but the relationship between things”

SV three-dimensional feedback loops fuse technical and human systems at the point of interaction. Thus, the removal of silos within organisational governance and structure enables a holistic whole system solution with feedback loops embedded. As a result, with harmonisation between fragmented specialisms and functions we drive efficiencies across the organisational system to capture, create and deliver more value.  

Consequently, the overall system of production, consumption and economic cycles become more efficient by understanding and modelling more accurately the consequences of decisions and the impact between decisions. By this action risk, waste, emissions and impact are better understood and can be better audited for comparability.

SV Sphere Economy tackles multiple issues simultaneously accelerating action toward an equitable and authentic net-zero world

“if you can’t imagine it, your model can’t capture it, and that means the evidence won’t reflect it.” 

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