A liquid product designed to help combat odours associated with reduced sulphur compounds.

Contains a mixture of chemical and biological components that work synergistically to impact sulphate reducing bacteria.

The chemical component gives bacteria a better option for metabolic activities resulting in nitrogen generation instead of sulphide.

The biological component outcompetes sulphate reducing bacteria for resources and space.

Can impact the formation of biofilms upon surfaces that may harbour sulphate reducing bacteria.

The broad metabolic capability of Bacillus consortia able to degrade wide range of COD sources including Fats, Oils and Grease. This can help improve effluent parameters as well as tackling odours.

Can be used to improve plant performance to meet emissions directives.


Municipal and industrial wastewater plants

Lagoons and ponds

Cess and slurry pits

Tackling sulphate reducing biofiling

Areas suffering with anaerobic issues